Download Hearthstone to iPhone

Learn how to install and play the latest updated version of Hearthstone on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Currently, Hearthstone is only available for the iPad. In order to install Hearthstone you will need to jailbreak your iPhone and install a modified version of the iPad version of Hearthstone. The modified version has been edited so the resolution of the game can run on the iPhone, no other modifications has been made to the .IPA.

Hearthstone for iPhone

Download Hearthstone to the iPhone

1. Jailbreak your device (read tutorial here).

2. Open Cydia and go to the Sources tab


3. Press Edit, Add, and add the following URL:

4. Press Done and then open the repo

5. Go to AppSync and download AppSync Unified

6. On your computer, download the modified .IPA here:

Hearthstone v for iPhone .IPA Download

7. Connect device to computer

8. Download and run iFunBox

iFunBox for Windows

iFunBox for Mac

9. Press InstallApp and open the downloaded .IPA file

Install App iFunBox

Hearthstone will now install to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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